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Below is a list of our current inventory of used Walk-in ovens.

 Walk-in Ovens.

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39"w x 50"d x 58"h 1000 F electric Despatch Inert gas. Digital controls. 3404-P

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48"w x 48"d x 60"h 500 F electric Grieve Digital programmable control. Tested. 3785

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60''w x 44''d x 72''h 500 F electric JPW Oven Co. Digital controls. Tested ready to ship. 3778

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66"w x 25ft.d x 84"h. 300 F electric FECO Digital control, SCR. Roller hearth. 3257-P camera.gif (1576 bytes)  camera.gif (1576 bytes)  camera.gif (1576 bytes)
2 @ 72"w x 120''d x 72"h. 650 F Gas Pneu-Mech Systems 2 Ovens with one common control panel. Digital controls, 3751-P camera.gif (1576 bytes)  camera.gif (1576 bytes)  camera.gif (1576 bytes)
86''w x 68''d x 68''h. 500 F Gas Grieve Digital control, chart recorder, 15,000 pound load capacity. 3745

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